Pay with Bitcoins

Mypashmina now accepts Bitcoins and we give a good discount to those who choose to pay with Bitcoins.

Simply choose the BitCoin payment option at the checkout. We will send you an email containing a payment link shortly after your order is placed.

To calculate the price in Bitcoins, we take the value in pounds, and convert it using todays rate.

If you pay with Bitcoins and you return something for a refund, we refund you the pound value in bitcoins so you receive the same pound value back as when you ordered.

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is also the name of the open source software he designed that uses it, and the peer-to-peer network that it forms.

Unlike most currencies, bitcoin does not rely on a central issuer, like a bank or government. Bitcoin uses a distributed database across a peer-to-peer computer network to record transactions, and uses cryptography to provide basic security functions, such as ensuring that bitcoins can only be spent once, and only by the person who owns them.

Bitcoin's design allows for anonymous ownership and transfers of value. Bitcoins can be saved on a personal computer in the form of a wallet file or kept with a third party wallet service, and in either case Bitcoins can be sent over the Internet to anyone with a Bitcoin address. Bitcoin's peer-to-peer topology and lack of central administration make it impossible for any government or other authority to change the value of bitcoins or induce inflation by producing more of them.

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If you want to buy bitcoins,
you can get a Bitcoin wallet at COINBASE and buy the bitcoins from BITTYLICIOUS - it takes around 6 minutes and you can save 20% !

Here is a 'how to' video