Fair Trade
The vast majority of cashmere knitwear and pashminas sold on the web is mass produced in large factories in China and Mongolia. Working conditions are atrocious, dangerous and unsanitary. Long hours, no sick leave and child labour are all prevalent.

We at Mypashmina are striving to improve conditions for our workers in Nepal. Our factory is a small, family run business which we visit at least twice a year. The workers are treated with respect and understanding – exactly as we like to be treated ourselves!

Our factory manager Vinod is an extremely caring employer and encourages a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at work.

Mothers with young children form their own ‘childcare’ system wherein they bring the children to work with them! The children can play together safely under the watchful eyes of their own mothers.

In contrast to workers elsewhere our staff works only from 9-5 with regular breaks and lunch hour. We also provide maternity leave and sick pay. Basically, we like to think that we have introduced western working conditions as far as is humanly possible, whilst still respecting traditional Nepalese culture.

Currently we are introducing the use of natural, vegetable dyes and are constantly striving to source our materials in an ecologically sound way. We are continually upgrading our machinery therefore making the manual work both easier and safer for our employees.